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January 4, 2012
Launch new web site

A robust site dedicated to our entire product line.


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BioLogics manufactures the OMNICON Antibiotic Potency Testing systems and Ultrasonic Homogenizers.

OMNICON Antibiotic Potency Testing - in July 2016, we will release a new OMNI-Noculator for full automation of Peni Cylinder Dispensing and Peni Cylinder liquid sample filling.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers - in April 2016, we will release the MultiSonic and AutoSonic robotic systems for multi sample processing of volumes ranging from 250 ┬Ál to 50 ml.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are also referred to as Sonicators, Cell Disruptors, Sonifiers®, and Sonic Dismembrators

Sonifier is a registered trademark of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 

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