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OMNI-Noculator Peni Cylinder FILLER

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The OMNI-Noculator is a robotic liquid handling system designed to fill Peni Cylinders. The analyst defines the Pharmacopeia method, number of plates, selects one of several dispense patterns, and the volume to dispense into each Peni Cylinder.

OMNI-Noculator robotic Peni Cylinder filler
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United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
US-FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC International)
British Pharmacopeia (BP)
European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
Society of Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP)


OMNICON is a registered trademark of BioLogics, Inc

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BioLogics manufactures the OMNICON Antibiotic Potency Testing systems and Ultrasonic Homogenizers.

OMNICON Antibiotic Potency Testing - in July 2016, we will release a new OMNI-Noculator for full automation of Peni Cylinder Dispensing and Peni Cylinder liquid sample filling.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers - in April 2016, we will release the MultiSonic and AutoSonic robotic systems for multi sample processing of volumes ranging from 250 ┬Ál to 50 ml.

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are also referred to as Sonicators, Cell Disruptors, Sonifiers®, and Sonic Dismembrators

Sonifier is a registered trademark of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 

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