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The OMNICON JP Zones of Inhibition software performs all calculations in accordance to the Japanese Pharmacopeia method or sometimes refered to as the JP or 2 + 2 Method. The software calculates the mean and standard deviation values for both the standard and unknown zones and several statistical values. The Analyst defines the assumed potency, the software then measures the zone diameters and performs all the calculations and presents the data on the "Independent Assay" report.

The software also provides the Analyst with the ability to generate a "Combination Analysis" report by selecting Independent assay previously analyzed.

Plate Reading

The OMNICON Zones Reader reads each 100 mm petri dish with 4 zones in less than 3/10th of a second, measuring the diameter and shape of the zone. The shape value is used to exclude zones which are oval due to spills or irregular growth.

21 CFR, Part 11, Electronic Records and Signatures

The OMNICON JP Zones of Inhibition software is compliant, providing three levels of security, audit trails and data encryption.

Assay Layout

  Zones of Inhabition Petri Dish  
  4 zone per plate

2 Concentrations - High and Low

2 Unknowns - High and Low

4 Plates per Assay


United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
US-FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC International)
British Pharmacopeia (BP)
European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
Society of Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP)

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The OMNI-Noculator is an automated Peni Cylinder Dispensing and Peni Cylinder liquid filling system.

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