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The OMNICON Tumor Colony Analyzer is a powerful combination of the industry's most advanced image analyzer, a unique automatic stage and software dedicated to counting soft agar assays. The system is so sophisticated that it can distinguish colonies from biological debris, agar bubbles and other artifacts, yet it is extremely east to operate. The patented software package is ideally structured to expedite the processing of colony counting data and allows the ability to do multiple group analysis (i.e. scores colonies of various sizes and compares defined group breakdown to designated controls so as to calculate either growth-inhibition or growth-enhance values as needed).
OMNICON Tumor Colony Analyzer

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Tumor Survival Assay

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Automatic Stage

The OMNICON TCA system utilizes a unique automated system which combines inverted optical microscopy with a motorized X & Y stage and removable cartridge system.

Each cartridge has the capacity to transport 8 multi-well plates in varying formats (6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells). This versatility in footprint acceptance of cell culture plastic-ware is of critical importance since it mediates maximum flexibility to the type of colony survival assay performed.

The optional Stacker Module (3 maximum) allows the system's capacity to be expanded to 32 multi-well plates. The operator can see the actual cells or colonies - not secondary reaction. Inverted optics permits the multi-well plates or petri dishes to remain covered, minimizing dehydration and contamination of the medium. Focusing is automatic for each well or dish.

Tumor Colony Analyzer with Stacker

With varying media and cell lines, illumination becomes an important aspect in the ability to analyze soft agar assays. The OMNICON TCA offers coaxial (transmitted and reflected) illumination with a halogen light source. For low contrast assays, the optional Phase Contrast illumination system makes those assays simple to analyze without the use of stains.


For research analysis, for much faster answers to vital questions, here is a tool that eliminates operator fatigue and errors. Most important, it gives repeatable results, eliminating subjective judgments and avoiding inaccuracies that occur when measuring criteria and techniques that vary between operators and laboratories.

A variety of scientific publications have been written by Doctors Mayo, Alley, Von Hoff, Herman and Hamburger which utilize the OMNICON TCA system to access potential chemotherapeutic drugs as inhibitors of malignant disease. Collectively, all the unique features demonstrated by the OMNICON TCA system make it an ideal instrument to satisfy any researcher's needs.

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