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Tablets - complete disruption in 2-40 seconds depending on type. Excellent for automatic machines.

Tea - excellent extraction.

Tetrahymena - disrupts in a few seconds. Enzymes which have been monitored include: succinate, lactate, B-hydroxy butyrate, glutamate and DPNH oxidase, DPNH-cytochromeC reductase and ribonuclease. Specify activity of DPNH oxidase was twice that of the best previous experiments.

Thermoactinomyces - disruption of hyphae. Homogenization of protein complex without denaturation.

Thermophile negative - good disruption with in 2 minutes.

Thermophilic bacillus - Isocitrate lyase was extracted from a spore forming bacillus similiar to Stearothermophilus. A washed cell paste suspended in phosphate buffer was sonicated in 1-2 minutes and the supernatant was used for enzyme experiments without further treatment. Extracts could be frozen and stored without loss of activity.

Thiouric acid - dissolved in a few seconds.

Thymus cells - complete disruption in 15 seconds

Tissue cultue cells - complete disruption in a few seconds. To avoid damage to free organelles and to obtain intact lyososomes, use low power at short exposure.

Toxin and antitoxin - one example of many: Toxin preparations of whole cell lystae (WCL) of the Inaba serotype strain 569E of the classic biotype of cholera vibrio were grown on 3% Bacto peptane agar and harvested in distilled water at 18 hours.

Toxoplasma gondi i - can be seoarated from white blood cells without injuring.

T. pyriformis - excellent disruption; 8 enzymes released.

Transplantation antigens - were extraced from spleen, thymus and lymph nodes.

Trichomonas foetus - complete disruption in a few seconds.

Triolein - complete stable emulsion in 2 minutes.

Trypanosomes - concentrated 10 ml solution; complete disruption in 4 minutes.

Tumor tissue - disintegrates much faster than normal tissue.



Uterus muscle - 1/5 gm, 3 cc solution; complte disruption in 4 minutes for coenzyme Q determination.



Vaccines - numeous advantages such as more antigenic material released than usual and the producing of vaccines not obtainable by classical methods.

Variuos bacilli - complete disruption in 3 minutes.

Vibrio comma - excellent disruption.

Virus extraction - excellent for making experimental vaccines. Evidence of breakage of virus/antibody bonds. Virus ban be extracted at low power without damage, or broken at high power.

Vitamin E - 30 second sonication put material in solution with a resultant permanent suspension.



W138 Virus - Cell free V-2 virus obtained in 30 seconds using 6 ml of Veronal buffer with W138 cells containing V-2 virus.



Yeast - 3 to 10 minutes for complete disruption depending on type.

Zooplankton - disrupted in less than 1 minute.



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